Meet Our Team

Monica Saraf


Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Monica Saraf is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology student and has been a CyberPatriot competitor since the seventh grade. She interned at NASA during the summer of 2019, working on analyzing and recommending cybersecurity tools to the Near Earth Network. She started the CyberPatriot club at her school which has grown from 10 competitors to 94 this year. She aims to work with and inspire other girls to be interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) topics and pursue careers that can change the world. Dance is her favorite activity and she has been doing it for over twelve years. 

William Tan


Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

William Tan attends the University of Virginia (UVA) and was very active on his high school's CyberPatriot team, having been involved with the cybersecurity program since eighth grade. Having led his team to Nationals twice, he is extremely interested in cybersecurity and computer networking. He enjoys chemistry, playing piano, fencing and keeping up with every sort of technological development

Abhishek Allamsetty


 Co-Founder & Chief Security Officer

Abhishek Allamsetty is a freshman at University of California, Berkley and was an active member of his high school’s Physics Team, Senior Computer Team, Machine Learning Club, and CyberPatriot Team. In his free time, he intently pursues his career as a questionable tennis player.

Jack Duvall


Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Jack Duvall, a Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology alumni, is an avid computer programmer who joined his school’s CyberPatriot team as a freshman. His sophomore year of high school, the team made it all the way to the National competition! Ever since then, he has been extremely interested in cybersecurity, especially concerning Linux and web security. In his free time, he likes to walk his dogs, play ultimate frisbee, and program in Python and C.

Gabriel Wimmer


Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Gabriel Wimmer attends University of California, Berkeley and was very active in his high school’s CyberPatriot and Rocketry teams. His CyberPatriot Team is a Virginia State Champion and a National Finalist. He is also very active in competitive robotics, holding over a dozen regional, state and world awards.  

Richard Lun


Co-Founder & Chief Communications Officer

Richard Lun is currently attending Harvard University. He was involved in his high school’s Varsity Math Team, Physics Team, Senior Computer Team, and Computer Security Club. He also was a part of the CyberPatriot Team along with all the other co-founders of CyberSmart Now. The right side of his brain enjoys playing piano, guitar, tennis, biking, and reading ancient Latin texts...